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Case study - Financial Consultant

What kind of consultancy do you do?

I'm a business consultant, working in financial and investment services and change management for large corporates such as Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG.

What first attracted you to Tempo?

I loved the fact that I didn't have to meet with real people! No more meetings with accountants - that was a big factor for me. We had a great initial conversation through the online chat facility and that made a good impression.

What features of the Tempo service do you find most useful?

I like the client interface but the android app was a major selling point. I've worked in financial services for years and have never seen a better app of this kind. It's fantastic for managing expenses at the point of sale, and means I no longer have the grueling monthly task of updating expenses; it's so easy to do it as I go along.

Why does Tempo suit your business?

I'm quite hands off with my accounting, I understand how accounts work but I set up a limited company so I wouldn't have to spend lots of time doing them, so the time-saving elements of the service, like the android app, have been particularly good for my business. The functionality of the online 'dashboard' is great, but I also like Tempo's interaction. The reminders they send out about tasks like paying tax and so on are fantastic; I am too busy to remember all those deadlines so updates are always welcome.

How would you rate the service from the Tempo team?

I was impressed by their in-depth knowledge, and that's what made me decide to become a client initially. But I also like how proactive they are - they respond quickly to queries and they're not afraid to contact me if there's something they think I need to know. They have also been willing to go the extra mile - for example, they set up my business accounts with the bank, which is the kind of boring job I was only too happy to hand over!

Client Case Study
"I like how proactive they are. They respond quickly to queries and they're not afraid to contact me if there's something they think I need to know."
Geoff Sypott, Financial Consultant

Case study - Freelance Writer

Can you tell us a little about your company The Ready Writer?

I believe that high quality, well-written content that is fully optimized for search engines will help drive traffic to my clients' websites and consequently generate more potential leads and revenue for them. I have a passion for the psychology of the internet and love tracking website traffic and exploring how people like to communicate and share information. My business is all about harnessing this knowledge and applying it to enhance my clients' websites.

Why did you choose Tempo to manage your accounting?

I previously used a traditional accountant but found that online accounting suited my needs far better. Spreadsheets were not working for me! I'm a 'virtual' business and an online accounting system seemed to be a better fit.

Which features make Tempo work well for The Ready Writer?

What I love about Tempo is that although it's an online system, the level of service provided is fantastic. They always respond very quickly to my questions and nothing is too much trouble. It's not a one-size-fits-all service either. I'm an author as well as a contractor, so I have specific needs related to managing book royalties, and they've helped manage this side of my accounting too, talking to my agent and adapting the system to suit me. Their flexibility has been brilliant.

What's the system like to use?

I find Tempo very easy to use and love the intuitive interface. My favourite aspect of the system is how easy and efficient it is to generate personalised invoices and fire them off immediately to my clients.

Accounting isn't my thing, I'm a writer, but the Tempo system, and the team, genuinely inspire confidence and anticipate your anxieties. No question is too silly to ask, and I especially like the fact that no action is undoable, so HMRC isn't going to come down on me for making a mistake! I'm fairly computer-savvy so I've found it very easy to use, but even if you're not particularly technical, they will hold your hand and do a run-through of the process, so it's not terrifying at all.

Any other benefits you'd like to tell us about?

I have found that Tempo is definitely more cost-effective. When you're a small business you need an affordable service, and it works out better for me than paying a book keeper and an accountant. But you also save money by making your business more tax efficient. Tempo is always suggesting ideas to save money wherever possible, so it's been great to get the benefit of their expert knowledge.

Client Case Study
"Although it's an online system, the level of service provided is fantastic. They always respond very quickly to my questions and nothing is too much trouble."
Abidemi Sanusi, Ready Writer Ltd

Case study - Athlete's Coach

What does NW Conditioning offer its clients?

I work with professional and elite athletes and teams to help them get fitter and stronger so they can perform better in their sport. I also work as a personal trainer with private clients who wish to improve their health and fitness or achieve specific goals such as running a 10k.

You were one of Tempo's first clients, so how has your business benefited from using the service so far?

Tempo is a one-stop shop and I like the fact that all my accounts have been taken out of my hands and I can focus on my clients instead, while knowing invoicing, expenses and tax are under control. I have no interest in accounts but even I can manage to use the system, and I like to see where my money is going!

How does it compare to traditional accounting services you've used previously?

I used to do my own invoices and expenses and in my job, this can be quite time-consuming as I get a lot of small expenses for mileage and train travel, so it's great to have a web-based system that I can update from anywhere whenever I have a couple of minutes to spare. It saves me from that laborious pile of paperwork I used to have. I also find the invoicing brilliant because the system keeps track of all my clients for me, I don't need a filing cabinet or computer back-ups - it's all kept safely online for me.

How much interaction do you typically have with the Tempo system?

One of the benefits of Tempo is that I now spend very little time each day thinking about my accounts, as I know everything is in hand and it's not a chore anymore. Occasionally I get useful reminders so I don't forget to do important tasks, which is great. I also like that answers to my questions are in plain English in the support centre on the website, or I can just call them and ask whatever I need to know.

What's the Tempo team like to work with?

The team's knowledge, even on quite obscure subjects, is impressive. They are also very responsive to feedback and will adapt the system to your business. For example, I needed specific categories for my expenses such as gym memberships and gym equipment and they were happy to incorporate these additions for me. Their advice is always spot-on so they've made managing my accounts so much easier.

Client Case Study
"I now spend very little time each day thinking about my accounts, as I know everything is in hand and it's not a chore anymore."
Neil Welch, NW Conditioning Ltd